Why do you Need Insurance for Stadium Chair Installation?

Stadiums are massive spaces that can host over 1000,000 people at any given time. They are designed for large sports events, public gatherings, business events, cultural events, and a whole lot more.

Whether it’s an open-air or closed-air stadium, the seating is perhaps one of its most important components and ensures comfort and safety for the guests.

Installing stadium seats in a small or large stadium is a lucrative business, as you won’t be getting paid for installing a single seat, but thousands at a time.

Stadium seat installation does require a fair bit of technical expertise, and needless to say, has some risks involved.

Insurance for Stadium Chair Installation

Why is it Important to Install Chairs in Stadiums?

Installing new seats in a stadium or any type of area for that matter is a major operation that requires careful thought and planning.

A stadium is not really a stadium if there are no seats for the spectators. Some events go on for hours at a time, and seating allows guests to get comfort during this time.

Adding to this, there are several spectators that suffer from back issues, for which standing for a longer period of time is not advisable.

Well-made stadium seats address neck and back issues and are also made to a certain width to enhance their overall comfort.

What are the Risks of Stadium Seat Installation?

The first thing to understand is that stadium seat insurance is a team effort, and requires a large crew. It is not the job of a handyman but should adhere to stringent government guidelines and specifications.

With stadium seating, its safety first, so the seating system your stadium seat company installs must be safe and robust.

But that’s not all, the seating system you install must also feel safe and robust because a wobbly chair can result in injury, which could cost you a serious amount of money in legal fees in the event of a lawsuit.

The stadium seats your company installs must also meet certain design standards for the overall appeal and performance of the stadium.

Types of Stadium Chair Installation Insurance and Costs

There are several types of stadium chair installation insurance available, most notably:

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a basic form of stadium seat insurance that protects you and your business against claims involving property damage, and most importantly bodily injury.

For example, if a spectator hurts his back as a result of a fault of a seat installed by your business, they can sue you for the medical costs.

If this happens, your general liability insurance policy will cover the costs of medical expenses as well as legal fees.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

If you’re going to be installing seats in state-of-the-art stadiums, great chances are that you will be using high-end, expensive equipment, and not a basic screwdriver and drill.

With tools and equipment insurance, your tools and gear are protected against damage and theft. Tools and equipment insurance is generally available as an add-on to a general liability insurance policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Most states require commercial auto insurance if you use your vehicle for business purposes. Commercial auto insurance covers you against collision repairs, property damage, and even rental reimbursement.

Commercial auto insurance also covers your employees if they are involved in an accident, and for medical bills for a single work vehicle or a small fleet of vehicles.

Employee Liability Insurance

If you are operating a stadium seating installation business, great chances are that you have a few employees on your payroll.

And if you do have employees, some states require you to get employee disability benefits to cover them in case they are injured or become ill while working for you.

Final Thoughts

Stadium chair installation is a business that is becoming increasingly popular and is here to stay for years to come because every stadium needs chair or chair replacement.

Even though the profit scope in this business is up the roof, there’s an equal amount of risk involved, so buying a stadium chair insurance policy should not be an option.

A stadium chair insurance policy protects you and your employees against financial losses, auto damage, and medical costs resulting from injury.

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